Canned Food Drive!

Dear Homestead Families,

Every November, Homestead hosts the annual Canned Food Drive to collect food, personal necessities, gift items, and money for our fellow community members. Our partnership with Sunnyvale Community Services allows Homestead to bring in thousands of donation items each year to benefit many of Sunnyvale families during the holiday season. In addition to helping out our community, Canned Food Drive is a friendly competition held in 3rd period classes. Prizes on the line include the title of “Most Generous Class” (the class donating the most items/points in total) and “Most Generous Students” (the class donating the most items per student). This year, the Canned Food Drive will run from Tuesday, 11/8, to Tuesday, 11/22. This donation drive provides an invaluable opportunity to show our HHS unity, and our commitment to supporting Sunnyvale families. Sunnyvale Community Services (SCS) are truly grateful for Homestead’s generosity! With your help, we are excited to begin the Canned Food Drive season once again. Thank you so much for being a part of the Canned Food Drive!


Just a few ground rules:

1. All items must be NEW and [if packaged] must be in original unopened packaging

2. NO glass items

3. If food items are packaged as single servings, they are not counted individually (ex. tea bags). The full package counts as ONE item (ex. pack of toilet paper).

4. Important: We are striving for quality over quantity. We highly recommend buying your products from Walmart, any drug stores, Lucky, Safeway, and/or Target. We would like to avoid any products from the Dollar Store or bulk items.

5. Standard sizes listed in the attached documents will be accepted for points. Again, although this is a friendly competition, we are truly aiming for products to donate for the Sunnyvale families for distribution during the holiday season!

6. Point system: We have created a chart for all items that are allowed for this competition and made a point range based on the average/expected price of the product. All items that we are asking for have been direct requests from the Sunnyvale Community Services bases on their current needs.

a. We are strictly counting the points this year from the items shown in the chart. The Item Chart will be your official guide to rack up your points!!

b. In addition, we are only accepting the items listed on the provided charts. There are no additional “bonus” items. Every third period starting Tuesday, 11/08, Leadership students will be picking up items from classrooms during 7th period and tallying points. Students who do not have a 3rd period can drop off items in the office. This drive is Sunnyvale Community Services biggest fundraiser and we really hope to have another successful year!CFD2016flyer.png

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