Homestead Animations presents Pixar: Homecoming at Homestead! It’s an amazing week filled with brunch time cheer-offs, dress up days, and friendly competition.

Class themes:

Seniors: Toy Story

Juniors: UP!

Sophomores: Monsters University/Inc.

Freshmen: Finding Nemo/Dory

Here is the overall schedule for the week:


  • dress up in 3+ articles of clothing that combine to show your patriotic spirit! (only 1 accessory will be counted)
  • lunchtime activity on the stage

Tuesday: TWIN DAY

  • dress up in 3+ matching articles of clothing with a friend! (must show continuity and thoughtfulness)
  • lunchtime activity on the stage

Wednesday: SPORTS DAY

  • dress up in 3+ articles of workout clothing or the jersey of your favorite professional sports team!
  • set up for quad decorations after school from 2:15 – 8ish (dinner provided for all attendees)


  • dress up as characters from the movie of your corresponding class!
  • take pictures before school/brunch/lunch in front of decorations created by your classmates and class officers!


  • dress up in your most spirited Green and White gear and attend the Homecoming Rally during tutorial!
  • attend the Football game against Los Altos to find out the winning class!
  • attend the Homecoming dance from 7:30 – 10:30 in the Large Gym (snacks and activities provided)

Happening All Week:

  • get counted for class dress up points at lunch in front of the ASB office (Mon – Wed only)
  • cheer-offs in the quad during brunch
  • purchase dance tickets ($10 for students without an ASB card and $0 without) during lunch in the ASB office (Wed – Fri only and at the door)

Get ready for the week of your life next week!

hook cover photo.png


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