Hey Homestead! Get ready for the first-ever Student Appreciation Week this week, January 22nd to 26th. We’re offering a few fun dress-up days and activities to help students show appreciation to each other, but please take the time in your own lives to appreciate the people that matter to you ❤

Monday, 1/22: Class Appreciation Day: Come out to the Quad at brunch and lunch to receive a surprise. Wear class colors!
Tuesday, 1/23: Club Appreciation Day: Come to the Quad at brunch to see a performance by KSA, and lunch to write messages to your club/club officers. Wear shirts or apparel from your favorite club (or clubs!)
Wednesday, 1/24: Hobbies Day: We appreciate each student at Homestead for their unique hobbies and activities, whether at school or on their own. Each contributes to making Homestead the interesting and diverse school it is! Wear gear from any activity you do, anything from your Marching Band uniform, theatre costume, or karate uniform.
Thursday, 1/25: Athlete Appreciation Day: Come out to the Quad at lunch dressed in your sports gear for free Gatorade (1/person)!
Friday, 1/26: Community Appreciation Day: This day is dedicated to showing how much Homestead appreciates each and every member of our student body. Come out to the Quad at lunch to add your handprint to a whole-student body poster! Wear red, pink, and white to show your love for your friends and classmates.

Looking forward to a fun-filled week!

Leadership—Student Appreciation Committee



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