Mission and Vision

Homestead student government strives to be a transparent and constantly improving organization that cultivates school pride and builds respectful, open-minded, driven, and inclusive leaders who faithfully serve their Homestead community.

ASB Officers

President – Anam Siddiqee

Vice President – Zhi-Ying Chua

Treasurer – Anne He

Secretary – Ashley Hiraoka

Social Managers – Katherine Dong and Simon Lee

Rally Commissioners – Lanie  Schwartz and Lior Kishinevsky

IDC Representatives – Rebecca Zhu and Rithika Srinivasan


Communications Commissioner – Jiayu (Lily) Li

Tech Commissioner – Akshar Patel

HOP Commissioner – Audrey DeVera and Noa Dunevich and Brendon Koo and Kelsey Van Horne

EL Commissioner – Chiara Tommasi and Mita Ramesh and Shannon Cheung

2018 Officers

President – Jacob Jiao

Vice President – George Wen

Secretary – Venkata Muriki

Treasurer – Brandon Hong

Social Manager – Lindsey Takahashi

2019 Officers

President – Jaide Chen

Vice President – Trinity Gao

Secretary – Govind Menon

Treasurer – Eric Cheng

Social Manager – Katelyn Pan

2020 Officers

President – Carolyn Shan

Vice President – Anoushka Tambay

Secretary – Sophia Chen

Treasurer – Johnny Lee

Social Manager – Julio Meza

2021 Officers

President – Ori Brutman

Vice President – Tam-Dan Nguyen

Secretary – Jessica Li

Treasurer – Taner Karaaslan

Social Manager – Rohan Zamvar