club FAQ page

Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) have been requested by club officers and cover club processes.

How can I start a club at Homestead?

To start a club at Homestead, you’ll need to go through the new club approval process, which is a four-part process with two “elimination rounds” (you can read more about the process below). Throughout, we emphasize uniqueness and club contributions. If you have an idea for a club that doesn’t already exist on campus (link to existing clubs) and offers something unique to the Homestead community, you’re encouraged to submit a new club application!

Where/when can I find new club applications?

New club applications can be found on the ASB website under Student Life > Forms/Resources. Updated applications are released in early- to mid-October every year. Completed applications are due in mid-November.

How do new clubs get approved? / What’s the new club approval process?*

  1. Club applicants must first turn in a new club application (usually released in October and due a month later in November). You can find the one from the 2017-2018 school year here! Keep in mind that club applications are updated every year.
  2. If an application includes all of the required parts, applicants then present to Student Council during 7th period. Applicants usually have two minutes to present their club and two minutes to answer any questions Leadership may have. Immediately after a new club presentation, Student Council discusses the club and votes for its approval.
    Clubs are asked to discuss the below points in their presentations, since these points are what Leadership votes on, with a focus on uniqueness and club contributions.
    – Club focus
    – What the club offers to the Homestead community
    – What a general meeting would look like
    – Club sustainability
    – Any special events or fundraisers the club would hold
  3. If passed by a 2/3 majority vote by Student Council, club applicants present to the Executive Council (consists of club representatives, typically presidents) and Legislative Council (consists of third-period reps) during the exec and leg meetings.
  4. If passed by a 2/3 combined majority in Exec and Leg, club applicants present to administration.
  5. Each club approved by admin is a new club! New club officers then go through new club training in preparation for the next semester.

*Note: Due to controversy surrounding the new club application process (especially regarding time constraints for presentations, fairness, lack of student input and voter informedness, etc.), as well as the schedule change, the process is currently undergoing reform.

What is a civic permit?

Civic permits are the online replacement for activity proposals – forms that school organizations must submit to reserve school facilities for an event.

When do I need a civic permit?*

Civic permits are generally needed for the following types of events:

  • Events that require school facilities (tables, large gym, cash boxes, etc.)
    • Includes events that club officers want to advertise using school facilities (morning announcements, bulletin boards, etc.)
  • Events to fulfill the school-wide event requirement
    • School-wide events must be open to the entire student body, not just club members. Every ASB-approved club is required to hold one school-wide event per semester.

This page is a work in progress. More information on the approval process for civic permits*, rules on donating to charities*, the charity approval process*, policies for holding off-campus events*, the club strike system*, and district food guidelines* coming soon! You can send in questions for this page here, or email Zhi, the ASB VP, at

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